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Joe Andrews 06-02-2009 05:50 AM

English Wheel Terms used by Hoosier Pattern
Greetings Guys,
I get asked often to explain the Terms I use to Describe English Wheels so I thought I would post how the Terms are used.

When Describing All Anvils and Wheels, the first number is the Width, the Second is Diameter.

Standard Lowers will do Everything, You must Prepare any Weld before wheeling on your Machine. This means removing as much of the weld as possible. You don't want extra material crushed into the Panel, it will distort your panel.

Hardened Lowers are Great for Shops doing a lot of Stainless material, as well as Shops that have Many Guys using the English Wheel(Schools especially).

Hardened Wheels are Very Nice but not Necessary if you prepare your Panels Welds.

Low End and High End are Our Terms, and they are opposite what you would think.

Low End are the Smallest Crowns, Generally Radius under 5 Inch. They are used for High Crown work.

High End are the Anvils above 5 Inch, they are for Lower Crown Applications.
Full Radius or Anvils with Contacts is totally Your Choice.

Most Guys choose Contacts on their Lowers.
With Contacts you can cover a wider area each pass through the Wheels and you don't have pinch lines unless you have the Pressure Way Up.
Edwards Upper Wheels Mount on a Shaft.

Traditional Upper Wheels mount in a Yoke, or Cradle as they are commonly called.

Traditional Uppers we make have 3/4 Inch Bearings, Edwards have a 1" Hole Machined through and they Bolt to a Live Shaft.
There are Six Basic Components needed to Complete an English Wheel:
Upper Yoke
Lower Yoke
Upper Wheel
Lower Anvils

This is a Simple overview of Our Terms, I am not trying to discourage anyone from asking me Questions. If anyone would like to add to this Please do so. I really would appreciate comments! Many times over I answer the Questions and Send Guys here and to so They can here from You Guys using the Tooling to make their choices. There are many opinions and All should be considered.
Thanks for Your time here.

Overkill 06-02-2009 10:00 AM

Embossing Dies

I asked you about "draft", perhaps it would be good to include. John

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