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Glad you are ok Wayne. That kind of thing can be scary as hell!

Originally Posted by jehammer1952 View Post
. . . they have a parts solvent that is like Brake Kleen what I found was I cleaned a piece of metal as i was full of cutting oil dirt etc and was getting ready to Mig weld it to the matting part the part was dry no signs of any residue when I started the arc from the mig the entire piece of metal exploded into flames. . .I also had the same results from their Brake Kleen (green can) not the red can
If you are planning on cleaning anything before welding, do yourself a favor and use Isopropanol or Acetone. The tetrachloroethylene in Brake Cleaner and other solvents can turn to HCL or Phosgene gas and can cause severe toxicity, long-term nervous system damage and even death when exposed to extreme heat in the presence of Argon.

While we're on the subject of safety, always sweep up the area around your grind operations when switching between Aluminum and steel. The combination, in the right settings, will make Thermite. If you don't know what Thermite is, all you need to know is that it is used in explosives.
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