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I worked a bit this morning on the side window opening wood template. This defines the shape of the glass obviously but more importantly will be a "buck" that I can fabricate the new roof rail structure to. I promise.....soon I'll actually be fabricating some sheet metal on this project!

I have the side template cut out and have been refining the shape. It's pretty close, but I still need to "dial in" the curve at the top of the quarter glass and the rear of the door glass. I'm sanding and reshaping a bit at a time trying to sneak up on the exact profile that I like....getting close.

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The side template was close enough that I wanted to add "stringers" on the back side of it that hold it to the correct curvature. I took templates off the glass that I will be using and cut the shape out of some 2x4's. As you can see they hold the curvature really nice.

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Here the "buck" is set on the windshield just to show how the curve fits.

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It's hard to see in pictures, but looks very nice in person already. The curve of the glass follows along really nice with the beltline of the door and quarter. Obviously in time, I'll trim off the top sections to get rid of the "flat" opening for the original glass and fabricate a new edge that follows the contour of the curved side glass.

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As I mentioned, I'm still not 100% satisfied with the shape of the upper quarter glass curve as it blends into the rear of the door glass. A bit more sanding and shaping to lower it is needed I think, however here you can see how it already gradually tapers away from the windshield post back.

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My youngest son and our newish puppy were hanging out helping a bit as well!
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