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Originally Posted by Charlie Myres View Post

That poor little car, probably never thought it would end up as a roof, dashboard and some quarters, held together with air.

Cheers Charlie
Thank you very much for the encouragement and the enjoyment of following along so far.

That little car is unaware that once I get that side window profile dialed in exactly itís loosing itís roof also!ha

It was decided to shave the driprail around the roof. Obviously with the construction style of the original roof, once the drip rail is cut off the roof skin will no longer be attached. Iíll actually take advantage of that opportunity to work on fabricating the new side roof rails (that will tie into the factory windshield post and header) without any obstruction from the roof skin. Iíll also be able to build and reshape the roofskin with it off the vehicle also.

So while taking the roof ďoffĒ seems like more work, it makes the work I need to do easier and I can do a better job of it as well.
Rush too much trying to get to the end when the end is closer when you take your time.

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