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Originally Posted by carbuilder View Post
kerry you & I are in the same boat I am a so so welder but better with the tig then the torch. I just cant enough penetration with the torch if I do its on the floor in a puddle. The Art Deco ride is looking great since I saw it in 07 at MM & come a long way's Danny.
Danny when you weld with gas dont try to get a lot of penetration, you want the two edges on the back side of the weld to be fused and little or no build up of penetration. use a large tipuse a no 5 for 1.5mm sheet and a no3 for 1.2 mm sheet (16g & 18G respectively) I believe you bought my DVD so you can see what you are aiming for, or you can view it on my youtube video. If you are using the correct size tip and have set up the torch correctly then you are moving too fast. (move too fast - no penetration move too slow- blow holes. Also remember you dont need very much build in the face side either.
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