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I've got a pretty good selection of dies for the bead roller and thought these may come in handy if we could adapt them to the lower anvil cradle on the Wheeling Machine.. I've got a couple dies I use for tipping, and you never know when some other odd shape may help out in a pinch. The Fasti bead roller uses a .94 shaft for the dies, so we started with an oilite bearing, 15/16 outer to 3/4 inner diameter, then a 3/4 outer to 1/2 inner, supported on a piece of 1/2" diameter hardened Stainless..

The two oilites were a tight fit, so they were "pressed" together in the vise..

And to finish it off we have a couple of shaft collars on the way so the die won't walk on us while in use..

Saturday had us performing major shop cleanup so we could better get to an assembly line efficiency in polishing stainless trim and block sanding painted parts. I guess we walked past this one too many times...

....and since the Lennox still had some dies in it from last week....

The outer perimeter will get trimmed a bit more and we'll add a small bead detail on the very edge prior to bolting it on...


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