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Default Last call

Last call, but not for alcohol. These 4 auctions will be the last I will run until mid-April next year. If you Have won any of my auctions I hope you were happy with the tool and thank you for your support. The first of my final 4 auctions is for a fairly rare vintage Stanley Atha dolly with a built on handle. Vintage STANLEY ATHA Auto Body Dolly. Body Shop Power Hammer. Collision Shop. NR Next is for a vintage B-6 Porter Ferguson spoon Vintage PORTER FERGUSON B-6 Auto Body Spoon. Body Shop English Wheel. Pettingell and the next is for another vintage Porter Ferguson spoon but a D-1 door spoon this time Vintage PORTER FERGUSON D-1 Auto Body Door Spoon. BODY SHOP Planishing Hammer. And finally an extra Snap-On BF-714 dolly that I somehow ended up owning Snap-On BF-714 Auto Body Dolly. Body Shop Tool. Collision Shop Power Hammer. NR Thank you for your interest. It took a lot of time to get these auctions ready as you will see in the next post . ~ John Buchtenkirch
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