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Default Start of roof repair

Originally Posted by Oldnek View Post
Very nice work you are doing, Dane, your attention to detail is outstanding.
Pretty awesome.
Thank you, I appreciate the comments.

Next up is the roof! The roof was pretty cut and spliced up from the previous chop attempt. The transitions from the roof to the edges front and back as well as into the door tops was "off" very flat in spots with no real flow.

This post will show what I had to start with and also a couple pictures of some of the pieces I shaped around the perimeter of the roof (I did save the center of the roof) I'll do another post with the actual fitting and welding of these pieces into the roof.

This "before" picture shows the numerous seams, relief cuts and welds in the roof. I can see three seams across the roof from door to door just in the front half of the alone. Several relief cuts at the top of the "A" pillar as well

Name:  10330455_10152560259677329_5533000386972807839_n.jpg
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View from the other side. Pretty much the same story, lots of seams and mis-aligned welds.

Name:  419390_10150724356182329_1728086134_n.jpg
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Even in the early stage of rough shaping the new front section of the roof you can see the "lows" from the previous welds going across the roof.

Name:  10505565_10152560261612329_6738226446522885210_n.jpg
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Here I've started to shape up new panels around the roof. Some are final shaped more than others in this picture. In this pic there is the front half of the roof panel, the "A"-pillar panel, a panel above the door top and the rear corner of the roof.

Name:  10487404_10152560261442329_6332315587461739897_n.jpg
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A view from the rear showing some of the panels taking their shape. This also shows I did a panel above the rear window (I don't recall why I made that particular piece in two halves? Split at the centerline of the cab?) I may have done it so I would only have needed to remove half the original roof piece to help maintain some structure / shape? Either way, I know it all worked out in the end!ha

Name:  10452377_10152560261262329_7518981926479756711_n.jpg
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Another pic from the rear, just a different angle. This shows the rear center portion of the roof that I was able to save.

Name:  10462667_10152560261297329_463172153519432044_n.jpg
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Rush too much trying to get to the end when the end is closer when you take your time.

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