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From an old book on al. alloys: 5052 ultimate tensile strength is 28,000 psi (28Ksi) It will yield at 13 Ksi.

3003, assuming the heat treatment is the common H14 has an ultimate yield strength of 22 Ksi and a yield strength of 21 Ksi.

It's hard to compare the 2 alloys not knowing exactly what the heat treatment it's had but in general the 5052 is the stronger of the 2 and the greater difference between where it bends and where it breaks means that it's more ductile at least until it work hardens from bending and vibration so I'd go with the 5052. No idea if .080 would be strong enough without knowing the overall dimensions, how it's mounted or whether you will incorporate reinforcement ribs or beads. Either way, be sure to thoroughly de-burr all the edges to prevent cracks from starting. Also careful to use a generous bend radius at least 1.5 times material thickness, bigger in this case is better.

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