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Originally Posted by ScooterCO View Post
3003 or 5052 aluminium for fan shroud. And is .080 heavy enough? I have a friend that wants help in making a radiator fan shroud for his dodge diesel truck. He wants to mount a duel electrical fan in place of the clutch fan. He is bracket racing this truck and he is noticing that the fan is engaging at times he would not want it to. The electric fan will give him the control he wants.
Please, need suggestions on material and thickness. I have little experience with aluminium. I do have a good box break to bend the material.

What say you?

The .080 is a fine thickness for your diesel bracket truck, using 3003.
Since 5052 is about double the strength of 3003, with both in half-hard, I would use .050" in the 5052.

Remember your radius bends are more generous with the 5052 than with the 3003.
Use 5356 filler with the 5052.
Show your results, please?

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