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Thank you Kerry, I will check Bill Trombleys posts. Will need to consider a flanged opening at the fan mount location, I see how that would make the panel much stiffer at the opening. We are trying to duct air via fan thru the radiators and intercooler am sure the mounting back panel for the fan will see a bit of flex forward and back. This truck is running a Cummins with a compound turbo setup and has run in the 11s. Currently dialed in at about 12.3. she moves pretty darn good for a heavy gal.

Crystallographic, Thank you for the confirmation on material and thickness. I heard that the fan has been ordered and the material will be as well. 3003 in .080 has been selected. I do have a bead roller and we might incorporate one around the opening of the fan in lew of a flange.
Will submit photos when progress is made.

Please, anyone else has input it will be appreciated.
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