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Default Rack for sheet metal stakes?

My collection of sheet metal stakes is outgrowing the rack that I built years ago. My homemade stakes have a one inch square shank. My original rack had 1 1/4" tubing sleeves for each individual stake, probably not the best approach. I have not found much on the web showing racks. What I have found seem to have two bars a couple of inches apart, so potentially one rack can hold dozens of stakes side by side, it becomes kind of of a line of stakes. I have seen this same style of rack used for hammers. In most cases the bars are made of wood, probably to reduce damage to the hammers or stakes.

In most cases, the shank of the stake is vertical. In the interest of using the vertical space, I am thinking that perhaps it would be better to tilt the rack, maybe closer to horizontal than vertical, facilitating putting additional storage above it. I notice also that it is awkward to take a stake out from my own rack; a lot of that is the sleeve design, plus the rack is on top of a toolbox, so high. Not sure how far the bars should be apart, I am thinking 1.5 to 2 inches

I am fishing for comments, ideas, and photos of stake racks. Thanks.

(If I have put this question in the wrong forum, moderator please move it.)
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