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Originally Posted by Mr fixit View Post
OK guys'

Planishing with the power tools I get, but hand tools for now is it, is it the same as the descriptions that you provide in the previous posts?
I'm going out on a limb and say yes just to a different degree and I will assume (we all know what that does) doing it with a hammer and dolly the hit strength and dolly control are what needs to be worked on to get the smooth finish I'm striving for.
Again appreciate all the comments and advice..

Mr fixit

Hand planishing -
without stretching - is best done with plastic over steel, leather over steel, wood over steel, non-ferrous over steel.
Lead slappers over steel/wood will shrink hard aluminum, nicely (2024 T3)
But I covered that in my old "Shrinking Magic" dvd .... 1995.

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