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1. IDJ, the plan was to replicate the spoiler exactly like the factory had it, but as you mentioned, making it a sharp edge at the top so it was obvious that the thing wasn't factory would be cool. This would also give it a bit of a custom touch. I like this and think it's worth looking at and pursuing. I do want to specify that I didnt plan on "splicing" into the trunk skin or the quarters. I was going to bolt this thing down in the same way the factory did, but I was going to TIG the seams with the trunk lid and quarters with the maganese filler rod. I think that's the material you use for quarter to rocker and other such interfaces as this one. I have some of the stuff out in the shop, but I forget the name. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. I won't be cutting the quarters or trunk lidtk accommodate this mod.

2. crystallographic, why do you suggest to solder this all together as opposed to TIG'ing it together with steel filler? Is that just so the welds (or solder seems in this case) are soft and easy to work with and hammer? How do you suggest I actually bend the small 3/16 bend you mentioned? Is this with an English wheel and some sort of tipping die as drive drunk has mentioned? Is it with a bead roller and a special die?

3.) jmcglynn, is this the original book you're talking about? If it's rich with pics I think I'll pick it up.

Sheet Metal Handbook: How to Form and Shape Sheet Metal for Competition, Custom and Restoration Use

Does anyone know if there is an e-book version for purchase? I'd love to have it on my phone and reference as needed after reading it thoroughly. It's been awhile since a book has caught my intrest! As stated in point one, you guys are starting to make me wonder about the custom spoiler. I think it might be nice especially since I'm taking the time to make this intricate piece. Might as well give it a special touch.

I like the method you outline. It sounds like this method would mean the piece is made of 4+ pieces. Do the cross-section profiles and the 3/16" round stock stay in place after the metal is applied over them or are they removed after the template is planned and mocked up and replaced only with a couple pieces?

Do you guys order 3/16" hot rolled steel rod from the same suppliers like aleo steel where you get your other metal stock from?

I finally got my chance to sit down and respond! Not sure if I'm gonna do the soldering or the forming with profiles and rod yet.

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