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Originally Posted by Schroeder View Post

2. crystallographic, why do you suggest to solder this all together as opposed to TIG'ing it together with steel filler? Is that just so the welds (or solder seems in this case) are soft and easy to work with and hammer? How do you suggest I actually bend the small 3/16 bend you mentioned? Is this with an English wheel and some sort of tipping die as drive drunk has mentioned? Is it with a bead roller and a special die?

TIG can make distortion on this part, and since it is enclosed ... how do you get inside to iron that out?
Soldering makes a strong part for this application, but unless you do a fair amount of this fab stuff you will not see this design element.
Just hand work the edge over a bit of round bar tig-welded to a handle - you do have a TIG, right?`

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