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Sorry about getting these pictures posted so late. It's going to be a busy week that includes our 'special guest' - Kent White , 'the Tinman' from TM Technologies in California. Kent has inundated us with more knowledge than some of us can absorb in one settings, and his readily apparent unending attention to details related to metal shaping have left each of us with a huge appreciation for his willingness to share that knowledge and answer any questions that we have had. Yesterday, Kent shared some video footage of flow forming, and demonstrated technics for annealing metals, dent removal, silver soldering/brazing. He overnighted his newest updates to his amazing powered planishing hammer, and spent a great deal of time sharing input on how to both stretch and shrink on this machine. I for one have started dialog regarding the ownership of one of the new updated machines. It was VERY impressive.

We moved the Humvee down to the pond, not only to make more room in the shop, but to emphasize the importance of the NO FISHING sign.
More work is being done on the speedster, and many attendees are providing much needed help with the meet, machinery updates, new dollies and tooling. I LOVE these meets! Jimmy Matthews, with the help of Mike Yurko, provided the lunch meal. Sue Yurko and Steve Hamilton's mom provided an abundance of cookies and brownies.

MM5-Thu 004.jpg

MM5-Thu 005.jpg

MM5-Thu 007.jpg

MM5-Thu 008.jpg

MM5-Thu 009.jpg

MM5-Thu 011.jpg

MM5-Thu 014.jpg

MM5-Thu 015.jpg

MM5-Thu 017.jpg

MM5-Thu 018.jpg

MM5-Thu 019.jpg

MM5-Thu 020.jpg

MM5-Thu 021.jpg

MM5-Thu 022.jpg

MM5-Thu 023.jpg

MM5-Thu 024.jpg

MM5-Thu 025.jpg

RR5-Wed 001.jpg

RR5-Wed 004.jpg

RR5-Wed 033.jpg

RR5-Wed 042.jpg
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