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Friday was a great day. Once more, Kent White shared many valuable tricks on gas welding and was very detailed in explaining gas welding flux history and his current state of the art offering. Using his flux resulted in readily apparent improvement in not only application advantages but in actual visual results in the appearance of the weld itself. He spent a lot of time showing the development of the various torches, while showing that while gas welding can be done with most any torch, the Meco torch was the most operator friendly, and the small stature of the tool had many advantages as well. It has been my experience that a 'newby most often finds Peters wheeling machine easier to learn to use, Kents Meco torch affords a shorter path to useable and visually attractive gas welds. The depth of Kents knowledge and details is exceeded only by his ability to produce quality work as well. We were most interested in the amount of research and development involved in his patented aluminum gas lense. After seeing what is involved in what his lense offers in long term eye protection, it make little sense to use anything else. Without sounding like an advertisement, take the time to visit his website and see the array of both talent and equipment that he has to offer.

Click here:

Once again we were provided with many outstanding door prizes, not only by a large number of attendees but some very well known metal shaping supply companies were gracious as well. We had great offerings by Peter Tommasini, Dagger Tools, Gulley Performance, and Tin Man Techs Kent White. He offered large array of gas welding videos, the newly developed gas welding flux, the smaller, more flexible hoses, flash back arrestors, plastic handled flux applicators, plastic flux cups and more. Thanks Kent!

Bill Trombley helped on some welding on both the speedster and the Humvee, teaching me a few aircraft rivet technics. Robert McCartney did an extraordinary amount of very nice TIG welding for me and other attendees including a cooking pot lid for the events cook, my friend Jimmy Matthews. Bob Kolenda shared more time on the speedster. Kent was instrumental in sharing details that I might include in future project like this.

Steve Hamilton provided a seminar displaying a very wide range of tooling for the Pulmax that he has developed over his many years in using that machine. He had a huge display of dies and die holders that that he has made and gave instructions on both detailed and inexpensive approaches to making them. Very nice seminar! Mike Rouse provided a detailed look into the age old guidelines for generating pleasant and appealing visual appearances by explaining the details regarding the Golden Ratio, and used his home made 'multi-fork' to explain how it applies to almost any shape or contour that has an appealing visual aspect to it. Mike was gracious enough to present me with one of his 'multi-fork's painted gold and signed it for me as well. Man, have I got some great friends! Mallory Kolenda spent the day making for of here aquatic renderings in steel in preparation for here seminar on Saturday. Kent will be sharing pictures and stories regarding his involvement building and in rebuilding a 'duplicate' of the famed Howard Hughes H1 racing airplane that set several speed and distance records and was the last privately built aircraft to se world records. I can't wait, as I have long been interested in that plane.

A terrific lunch of barbecued chicken was cooked by Jimmy Matthews with the help of Mike Yurko. Both of these gentlemen have contributed to the Redneck Roundup both during and before the event. Thanks guys!

It is my intention to thank all that are in attendance and to share the work done by all that I can, but I often get busy or distracted, and If I overlook anyone, it is not my intention. I will be posting more pictures and I invite any other attendees to do so as well. There was MUCH going on.

The tool exchange grows each year, and this year there were (14) contributors, thirteen of which are in the picture. There are some VERY gifted and creative folks here!

RR5-Fri 002.jpg

RR5-Fri 004.jpg

RR5-Fri 006.jpg

RR5-Fri 007.jpg

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RR5-Fri 010.jpg

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RR5-Fri 035.jpg

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