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Originally Posted by Chris_Hamilton View Post
Is that what it's called, "eye magnet"? Or is it called something else? I couldn't find it on Ebay.
I managed to get a 3mm long sliver in my eye once. Strange thing was I felt it go in blinked once and didn't feel it again so I thought it was out. Had safety glasses on as well. Went 2 days before I realized I had something embedded in my eye. Cost me 3 weeks of pain and about a $1000.
Now I only wear a full face shield.

EDIT: I found one.
Go to eBay’s main page and click on categories, select the business & industrial category and then search “eye magnet”. You should then get more eye magnets selection than anyone could ever need, some even priced under $5 including shipping ! It’s only a highly polished magnet that’s smooth enough that you can rub it on your eye without cutting it so it doesn’t need to cost a lot. I’ve always wrapped mine with one layer of wet paper towel to break the bond the eyeball’s moisture has on some particles but some people I know use then dry with good results. I can only tell you what has worked well for me in the past. ~ John Buchtenkirch

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