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Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton View Post
This is right up there with Dan Pate's friend up in Minneapolis that is making a rear engine Indy Roadster type thing and build a V12 out of two turbocharged inline six cylinder (Supra???} engines. Custom block and crank. Bolts to a new Corvette differential/tranny. Amazing craftsmanship.
Originally Posted by cliffrod View Post
I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but thought I should add this to the thread-

Imho, Allen Millyard is kinda like the UK motorcycle equivalent to Pete Aardema. He's been building some very cool custom V engines from pairs of other engines for a long time. It might be of interest for another project like yours, just in case someone had to have a V12 or similar that was might fit within a smaller space.
Here's a link to a Hot Rod article on Pete and Kevin's latest homebuilt V12, 1,200 cid worth.

This V12 was design for hydroplane boat racing. I guess it's obvious why this engine wasn't a good candidate to fit in the Miura
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