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Default The Art Deco Imperial Project - Part 25

Feb 5, 2009
Spent the last few weeks battling a cold and THE cold but started to put the various panels together. One of the things I learned is to finish the welds as I go so I can clamp to finished panels and also have small enough panels that my clamps will reach. I start by tacking every inch or so.

Then it's time to file the proud off the welds and bump them up/down as necessary.

Here you can see some of the filed/ground welds. Some areas can be wheeled but some are just to hard to get to so I revert to hammer and dolly.

Inside view. Notice the small beater bag. It's full of lead and makes a good deadman.

I made some templates of the right side and at this point I started checking the arrangement.

At MM08, Jay made the cowl and the reverse in one piece. I didn't even try. This is the reverse part which was all stretch and only tool a few minutes on the wheel.

The side part of the cowl has a fair amount of crown but it didn't take long. It took much longer to weld the reverse to the side and finish it than make the panels.

Here is the left front fender all done except for the parts at the bottom both front and back...and finishing the welds....and about 4 days of bumping.

I'm pleased with the fit and arrangement. The templates fit good and my precision EYES can't see any obvious oops.

That's all for now.
Kerry Pinkerton
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