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Originally Posted by drivejunk View Post
I guess I had heard you mention blending it in but assumed that meant something different.

When I said "blend" I meant fill the seam between the custom spoiler and trunk skin with silica bronze TIG weld. How do I address shrinkage here? I guess I never thought of that. I see guys use silica bronze as TIG filler for filling in outside seams between panels because it looks nice, but how are they addressing shrinkage? In 100% of the scenarios I can think of you can't get to the back side of the weld they did. Is it just that silica bronze can be put in with such a cool weld?

Thanks for the pics and info, jmcglynn.

crystallographic, I do have a nice TIG welder. I guess if I TIG'ed it together I'd have to leave the bottom face that mated with the top of the trunk open. This might be difficult. Seriously though, stuff like this can be SOLDERED together and not come apart in 10 years?! I would have never guessed. What about making some tack or plug welds with the TIG or MIG and then quickly cooling them with compressed air but filling the whole seams in with solder? I see conflicting theories and advice on whether or not compressed air should be used to cool sheet metal welds. Some guys say NEVER. Some guys say always. The "NEVER!"'s seem to be much more resounding though.

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