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Originally Posted by GeorgeG93 View Post
...... even when the metal has been cleaned as much as possible to remove paints, primers, chemicals etc.
You are not, perchance, using brake cleaner to clean the metal before welding? Metals are actually far more porous than people realize, and brake cleaner is literally a killer. Are you using a solvent of some sort?

I also am assuming by "MIG" you are referring to gas-shielded bare wire fed process, not a flux-cored wire fed process, or a combination gas/flux-core?

Originally Posted by GeorgeG93 View Post
...I've gone to the lengths of buying a face mask which helps a lot and having a fan nearby to increase fresh airflow helps too, but no one else I know takes these measures ...

Does anyone else regularly go to such lengths to protect themselves from working?
Yes, more than you realize. In my humble opinion, I think that those with some formal welding training are more versed in safety matters and thus more likely to employ more personal safety equipment than those in the self-taught or learned from a friend category. This has nothing to do with skill level, I hasten to add.

Lincoln Electric has for decades made some excellent FREE safety info available, today there is a lot on their web site:

This interactive safety course is also worth a spin through:

Moderators: Perhaps both links could be in a sticky somewhere?
Mark from Illinois
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