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"Superleggera" originated from Touring of Milan -- famous Italian Coachbuilder. Bodywork style was used by them (and other coachbuilders) for racecars to build moderately lightweight bodywork. Steel structure consisting of tubes or flanges to create a support system for the bodywork. Bodywork then usually done in aluminum that is then crimped around, riveted or screwed to the subframe. Works well. You see a lot of the 30's era Alfa racecars and 50's era Ferrari's with this "Superleggera" branded coachwork.

Perks: lightweight, easy to build, easy to repair (relative statement!) and it tends to flex a bit and thus no cracking.

Negs: galvanic corrossion between aluminum/steel -- use paint, primers or felt/leather/whatever to create a barrier. Mostly never symmetrical! (most of the tubing was bent over knees / tables and thus neither side of the car matches) Coachbuilder can get pretty close with a bit of measurement and work. (I've seen Ferrari's where nothing matches side/side and even door openings up to 2in offset) Usually metalwork is .040 (or thinner!) that after working is thin and a nightmare to fix today. A lot of rebodies are thus .050 or even 0.063 today.

As for Kerry's project? A labor of love. I knowingly have tried to steer him towards more of a superleggera style bodywork over bucks. I think it would have been easier and faster. (given my personal experiences over the years) But my major concern is hopefully one that won't happen or affect him -- support of the big body panels and "flex" of the chassis while driving. (and it's subsequent forces applied to the aluminum coachwork)
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