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More progress...still working on the rear of the car. The center of the back fit really well but I was unable to do the very complicated edge tip on the decklid so I chose to do it in several pieces. I cut back the top edge and welded in the center.

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Then I shaped the right corner and tipped the edge.

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After a half hour of tweeking and fitting it was welded in.

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The other corner was the same process. The gaps came out nice but obviously there is a lot of grinding and bumping to do.

I realize this is not the 'best' way to do this but I'm in a thrash to get the metal done before Oblong. If I was taking my time, I'd finish each weld seam before I did the next...

Also did some work on the lower left corner. The bottom had too much crown so I cut out some metal and welded it up.

I'm quickly running out of time but I'd like to have all the fenders roughed out. The only major thing left to do is the lower left front.

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These shouldn't be too hard...famous last words.

I'm bringing a bunch of bumping stuff...vixen files, dollies, slappers, etc. I picked up some large jack stands today so the car will not be on the ground while we work on it. Not as good as having it on a lift but much better than trying to sit on the concrete floor. I don't do that anymore. Something about old age and arthritis.

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Got word today that Jaypags and Ron Yeager are coming to Oblong. Jay expressed an interest in working on the roadster. Since Jay works at Warp Factor 7, he'll probably have the fenders ready for paint by the 3rd day.
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