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Originally Posted by Rick Mullin View Post
With all of us caught up in telling you to change to Argon (myself included), we may have lost track of the original question. Have you resolved the problem and if so, what did you discover. Gas, leak, tungsten...?
hi rick, i have switched to argon, it was delivered and as i said i don't use it that often but i have welded the engine lid frame together over this week and the end of last week. i have left the gas lens on along with the pyrex cup, the gas is set at 10cfm, inside a building so no strong winds and very little if any breeze. i still have arc wander but nowhere near it was before. i do have gas flow pre, during, and post. i still have the dryer in the feed line and plan on removing that this week after getting some more feed pipe. i can start with a sharpened tungsten with a shallow point not a long tapered point, after a few minutes i get a small point appear at the end and not long after that i will get some arc wander.

having said all that the amperage is very low, i do sharpen the tungsten along its length not in circular pattern around the rod.
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