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Originally Posted by 68rustang View Post
PM sent.

I have not made it through the whole thread yet so I apologize if its been posted but where did you get the CAD data to make the buck pieces? Did you have access to a car like you did with the C5 GTO? Was it all extrapolated from your modified pictures?
Dan Palatnik, is the CAD professional who did all the modeling. I started by purchasing a 3D model of a Miura SV from Dan fixed up a few defective details (e.g. wheel openings) on that model to start. He then stretched for longer wheelbase, widen the track, modeled in the Corvette windows, etc. We then iterated a few times to optimize the visual proportions on the upsized Miura. Once we were happy with the look in the 3D model, Dan sliced it and modeled the buck stations from there.

From my experience, I highly recommend Dan Palatnik for this type work. Even though he's remote, he's a great communicator, really knows his stuff, and his services are very reasonably priced.
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