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Old 11-18-2018, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton
I've been thinking about the license plate holder for months. I don't like any of the solutions that look good...not that any license plate looks good.
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Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton
My question is this. If I did away with the seam and welded the whole back together in one piece, I could still remove the back as a unit IF I CAN SPRING the body about 3/4". How flexible is the paint. I'm thinking not flexible enough but I know something can be added for plastic bumpers. Is this doable or a really bad idea?????
Don't bother with flex additives. The additive only stays active for about 30 days. I have raced and built and painted race cars for years. On some of the cars, the front fenders needed to be pulled outward nearly a foot each in order to remove the front end. The paint doesn't crack. The trick is to minimize the build up of fillers and primers in the area. Try to get the body as close to perfect as possible. Start with a good epoxy primer PPG's DP series then 2K primer surfacer as needed. Then use a quality 2K urethane, single stage or BC/CC, which ever you prefer. Don't underestimate the quality of the new urethane paints. Actually it's unfair to even call it paint. It's a polymer. It has more in common with plastics than it does with "paint". It consists of a urethane composite and a catalyst. When they are combined a third unique product is the result. If you want to demo that, just leave about a 1/2 inch of catalyzed clear in a plastic mixing cup over night. In the morning you will have a clear plastic hockey puck.

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Old 11-27-2018, 08:56 PM
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Thanks Jack. I'm not a painter so it's great to hear from someone who is.

The last few days I've been mostly thinking. Today, I decided to start cleaning up some of the 90% panels to take them to 95-98%...they'll never get to 100% and I'm fine with that.

I've decided to change my doors a bit. The upper rear is a very complex shape and it's very difficult to set and maintain the gap. Plus, it runs into my leg when I open it. The photo below shows the current door and the sharpie line shows the change.

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I can do this without making a new doorskin.
Kerry Pinkerton
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Old 11-27-2018, 10:15 PM
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That door change will look much better!

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