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Old 10-08-2009, 06:28 PM
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OK, back to the car.

Mark 'Superleggera' Savory send me an email suggesting I look at OLD style VW headlights. The ones that lay back and have glass lenses. Aftermarket parts are available with new 'non VW' glass and chrome trim.

A VW buddy happened to have some:

Name:  VW1.jpg
Views: 2775
Size:  26.8 KB

I didn't have time to mock anything up but I did drive the car and got a good height measurement. The overall height did drop 1/2 inch

Name:  VW2.jpg
Views: 2800
Size:  23.7 KB

We'll waste some aluminum prototyping in Oblong.

Name:  VW3.jpg
Views: 2597
Size:  24.5 KB

This look was not unusual in the era. Lots of cars had glass lenses over the headlight bulb.

One other thing to be done is to design and implement vents in the fender side for the engine heat. Here is one option:

Name:  SideVent.jpg
Views: 2598
Size:  39.0 KB

I did drive the car around the block. It has new mufflers, glasspacks actually, and it's too loud but it doesn't drag going into the trailer any more. I'll need to figure something out to muffle it and not be in the way.

Also went through the carb and got the idle jets working. MUCH better!

Name:  Outside1.jpg
Views: 2739
Size:  31.0 KB

Name:  Outside2.jpg
Views: 2660
Size:  23.7 KB

Name:  Outside3.jpg
Views: 2674
Size:  21.2 KB

Name:  Outside4.jpg
Views: 2799
Size:  16.9 KB

Couple things I learned when it was back on the level floor after having settled from driving.

1- Right front fender was lower than left and too low. I lifted it up 3/4" and now they are the same height from the floor.

2- The wheel well opening will need to clear the tire more. Couple ways I can deal with this, including raising the car a 1/2" with the coilovers. Or I could raise the tip line. Or I could raise the fenders in the front. Or.....

3- Damn it's fun to drive!
Kerry Pinkerton
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Old 10-08-2009, 06:56 PM
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Congratulation Kerry

You have done so much in a short time.It really looks good.
Johnny Arial

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Old 10-08-2009, 10:26 PM
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Or something like this? Nice grill too.

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Old 10-08-2009, 10:52 PM
Kerry Pinkerton's Avatar
Kerry Pinkerton Kerry Pinkerton is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Near Huntsville, Alabama. Just south of the Tennessee line off I65
Posts: 7,593

YEah, the headlight fairing would be something like that. The lights need to be old looking thought. Modern projection things just won't have the look.

I've got the two different versions drawn in my head. The vertical ones would work better with a smaller trim ring. I should be able to make a stainless ring with character that isn't as wide. It only needs to be about 1/2" wide if everything else is right.
Kerry Pinkerton
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Old 10-09-2009, 04:26 AM
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Nice progress Kerry
FWIW I prefer the vertical lens to the VW one. Agree with Bart too that there should be a little crown in the top of the "bucket".....

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Old 10-10-2009, 09:16 PM
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The stance, the proportions, all spot on. Nice ride!
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Old 10-20-2009, 10:25 PM
Kerry Pinkerton's Avatar
Kerry Pinkerton Kerry Pinkerton is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Near Huntsville, Alabama. Just south of the Tennessee line off I65
Posts: 7,593

Wow, Oblong was great for me this year. We got a ton done on the car. With my bum knee I was pretty useless for most the time but the last few days I was at 75% or so and tried to stay on task as much and as long as possible. Regretfully, I didn't spend much time visiting other projects but it wasn't because of lack of interest. I tend to get very intense and this was even more so because of the knee. Hopefully I wasn't rude to anyone. If so, I apologize.

Woke up early and pulled into Oblong a little after noon. When we unloaded the roadster, I drove it around the lake to settlle the suspension. Once it was on the level concrete of the building, I was able to see a problem. The left rear fender was noticably higher than the left.

By the time I got everything off the truck/trailer and put more or less away, Robert Kolenda got in and we started to look at the fender issue. Taking some measurments, we discovered that the fender was 3/4" higher than the right side when the chassis was level. As part of the investigation process, Robert and I drew a center line, drew perpendicular lines, and drew parallel lines to the center outside the car. On those we made index marks so we could get accurate measurements side to side.

The next day Ben Van Berlo (Pedalcar Ben) from the Netherlands and Bob Baisden worked on the rear fenders. Ben suggested we remount the left rear to lower it and reshape/arrange to match. This meant the sides by the decklid needed to be redone but the arrangement didn't match anyway so that wasn't a big issue.

I had picked up some square tubing at the Robinson steel place and made a 'bridge' that stood on the floor and was level across the top. Using the reference marks on the floor, we were able to make cardboard templates referenced off the floor and with a perfectly vertical side. Pretty quickly we decided to clean up the right side, pull a flexible shape pattern, and reshape the left. Ben did this with amazing speed with the help of Bob Baisden. The guy looking on is Peter Miles.

Name:  Ben2.jpg
Views: 2331
Size:  38.5 KB

After Ben cleaned up the fender, we marked it using a plumb bob off the bridge to make reference marks.

Name:  Ben3.jpg
Views: 2353
Size:  47.3 KB

And the same on the left side.

Name:  Ben4.jpg
Views: 2354
Size:  22.8 KB

The left rear was restretched in several areas. Here you can see the round marks where Ben was hitting hard in a pattern to increase the shape in that section of the fender.

Name:  Ben1.jpg
Views: 2344
Size:  29.4 KB

I was pretty useless at this point so Ben and Bob did 90% of the work. Here they are checking the flexible pattern against the 'bad' side. Ben ended up moving parts of the ridge a good 5/8 of an inch to get it to match.

That is Tony Sanchez looking on.

Name:  Ben5.jpg
Views: 2351
Size:  31.1 KB

Later in the week, Ron Yeager did some finish work on both rear fenders.

Name:  Yeager1.jpg
Views: 2245
Size:  41.0 KB

Name:  Yeager2.jpg
Views: 2354
Size:  38.3 KB

This was Ron's first Oblong meet. We met Ron at Carlisle on our first selling trip. He was our second customer and a good friend. He usually makes it up to Dutch's meet.

Dan Shady couldn't stand the mess and I caught him sweeping up around the car late one night.

Name:  DanSweeping.jpg
Views: 2303
Size:  20.2 KB

Robert Kolenda spend all 7 days working on the roadster 14-18 hours a day. Talk about an energizer bunny!

Name:  Headlight1.jpg
Views: 2349
Size:  40.3 KB

When I got to Oblong, I had not decided on which headlight to use, the vertical unit or the VW style light with lense. Robert thought we needed to prototype the VW unit and took on the project.

The first thing he did was cut into the fender to mount the inner bucket. I think he was nervous about cutting a chunk out of the fender but I encouraged him to go for it.
Name:  Headlight2.jpg
Views: 2344
Size:  26.5 KB

Here you can see both styles with the upper fairing on an early version of the fairing. A decision was made to go with the VW style light. John Alba has a source for full fluted aftermarket lenses that sound interesting.

Name:  Headlight3.jpg
Views: 2340
Size:  34.9 KB

Tuning in the second version of the fairing.

Name:  Headlight4.jpg
Views: 2241
Size:  28.9 KB

Top half tacked in by Jay Paganelli (Jpags)

Name:  Headlight5.jpg
Views: 2243
Size:  42.7 KB

And after Jay welded it in and I filed it and bumped the back contour in place. It's kind of hard to see but the flair goes up then down into the fender. At first it is parallel to the center line of the car but at the very end it flows out into the fender trough.

Name:  Headlight6.jpg
Views: 2349
Size:  26.3 KB
Name:  Headlight7.jpg
Views: 2328
Size:  26.8 KB

I welded in the other side on Saturday but wasn't able to metalfinish the top seam because of some proud on the backside that needs to be removed first. I'll pull the fender when I get a chance and finish it. Robert did a terrific job on these.

Jay and Ron and I did the hood. I welded a couple pieces of 1x1x1/8 aluminum together to make a channel.

Name:  Hood1.jpg
Views: 2326
Size:  35.3 KB

Ron and Jay with a mockup of the hood half.

Name:  Hood2.jpg
Views: 2246
Size:  25.1 KB

Robert and Jay cut the original hood in half, then scribed and trimmed to proper size.

Name:  Hood3.jpg
Views: 2298
Size:  44.1 KB

Jay and Ron tipped the hinge flange.

Name:  Hood4.jpg
Views: 2364
Size:  32.9 KB

And here we go. We used the clinch studs to bolt the hinge to the channel and the hood flange.

Name:  Hood5.jpg
Views: 2273
Size:  28.6 KB

We got HOOD!

Name:  Hood6.jpg
Views: 2333
Size:  27.0 KB

There is no inner structure yet. I'll wait until the fenders are DONE and then tune in the hood and inner structure.

Name:  Hood7.jpg
Views: 2320
Size:  25.4 KB

You can also see the windshield brackets. These were from a windshield unit given to me by Stan Lobitz. No idea what they are from but I love the look. Don't have a great photo of them.

Name:  Hood8.jpg
Views: 2234
Size:  25.6 KB

Name:  Windshieldposts.jpg
Views: 2340
Size:  36.2 KB

Name:  Windshieldposts2.jpg
Views: 2251
Size:  28.8 KB

Also laid out and cut what will be close to the final grill opening but didn't get a photo yet. Should get the car out of the trailer tomorrow and will take some photos before it goes back in the shop.

I can't think everyone enough who helped. You saved me literally weeks of work and your insights and suggestions will make this a better car!
Kerry Pinkerton
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Old 10-20-2009, 11:13 PM
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What a team you had.

You guys got a ton done and looks like you all had a blast.I love seeing it with the hood on.
Johnny Arial

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Old 10-21-2009, 12:39 AM
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That is awesome! More work than I got done last week (and I am just re-shaping and painting)!

One thing though. That engine looks awfully small in that bay I think you could fit something other than a inline under the hood!!!

Your almost there Kerry!!! (insert thumbs up smiliey here)
Christopher Rathman


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Old 10-21-2009, 07:15 AM
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I was amazed to see the progress made on your car in one week. You guys did good.

Its looking real good.

My Project:
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