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Old 06-14-2018, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Kerry Pinkerton View Post
I'm a bit confused about the gears and chain? I'm involved in the GMC motorhome cult and they used the Olds Toronado (caddy Eldorodo) TH325 transmission which was basically a TH400 turned 180 degrees. They connected the engine and tranny via a chain. The chain itself is about 1 1/2 to 2" wide if I recall from having mine out. The pan in the photos doesn't look deep enough for two gears and the chain?

Of course, technology has progressed a bit since the early 70's. I was just thinking you'd need a pretty stout chain to handle that much power?

Can you elaborate on the differential? The napkin sketch just shows a chain. I'm assuming it somehow connects to a limited slip differential type of thinge that the half shaft axles bolt to?
Kerry: we decided to do gears only and NOT include a chain in the transfer case. This was because the transmission is close enough to the crankshaft that the gear size was reasonable. Using gears only is simpler and minimizes the the thickness of the transfer case. This design change is one of those things you can only work out with a mockup using real parts. If the distance between engine crank and trans was another inch or two, a chain would have been required.

The differential center section is limited slip unit used in a 2015+ Mustang IRS. Instead of using a pinion gear and hypoid ring gear, we'll be using two helical/angle cut gears. The smaller gear mounts on the transmission main/output shaft and the larger mounts on the differential where the ring gear normally mounts. I'm targeting a 3.40 final drive ratio so that will dictate the size of these gears. We'll make a case to house differential unit that will mate up and attach to the output housing on the transmission. There's stub axles that connect the differential to the CVs, etc.

I'll show this in pictures once we start building that part. We're waiting for the output housing and transmission main/output shaft to arrive in order to start on that area.
Joel Heinke
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