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Old 10-14-2017, 11:05 AM
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Default Fires

Hey Kerry, we're fine. Thanks for asking.

It's been a busy time around here. 5700 homes and over 410,000 sf of commercial space so far. Winds came up last night over by Sonoma and they are having issues over there.

As Kent said, fire is on the east side of the Alexander Valley and didn't make it across to my side. Hopefully it stays that way.

Feel bad for Howard though....

Here's today's weather forecast. The 1932 Ford truck was originally a tow truck in Napa that a buddy found. Cracked head, but does run. It's used as a photo opp for the wedding venue here at Mountain House Estate. The windmill pumps air into the pond to keep algae down.


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Old 10-14-2017, 05:30 PM
Charlie Myres Charlie Myres is offline
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Part of my day job, is as a forest-firefighter and if there is any useful advice I can offer to people who live in dry climates like I do, then it this:
1. Read the daily weather forecasts, especially relative humidity and wind-speed and understand what sort of fire-weather you are likely to get. Low RH; moderate to heavy fuels and wind speed over 25km/h, is a recipe for a catastrophic disaster.

2. Do not rely on the fire brigade to save your house and workshop; in fires like these they are overwhelmed very quickly, so you need to have a fire-plan of your own. This website has some very useful information on assessing how vulnerable your property is and how to protect it Do the prevention now! Leaving it until the fire is approaching is too late.

3. Vegetation free buffers around buildings; non-flammable plants; fire sprinkler systems; your own fire-dedicated water supply; fire-proof window shutters, etc. are all really good ways to defend your property. Most houses burn when the windows shatter and embers can get inside, hence the need for shutters. Do not rely on scheme water or public electricity, they can be cut off for days, so your fire protection and fighting plan, must be self-sufficient.

4. If you plan to leave; leave early! To many people have died on the roads trying to escape in heavy smoke.

5. Have a grab kit for everyone, or one for each of them, which contains: medicines; insurance policies; cash; wallet; first aid kit, etc. so that when you have to leave, valuable time is saved and you don't have to shop for essentials. Drinking water and food can be kept in the car at the start of the fire season.

6. If you plan to stay and defend, make sure from an experienced fire-fighter, that your house is defendable and that your plan is a good one. The house and shed are not worth dying for! Having several 5 litre garden sprayers full of water, makes for handy fire extinguishers for roof space hot-spots after the fire-front has passed. Have all of the garden hoses inside the house so they don't get burnt. Wear long sleeves and long trousers made of cotton or wool, a construction helmet or a broad brimmed hat and then exit with the hoses to put out fires close to the house. If the worst happens and the house catches fire, stay in it for as long as possible; outside the radiant heat from the fire front, will kill you in seconds. When the fire-front has passed evacuate to a safe place, which you have already identified in your plan e.g. dam; large lawn; paved area clear of trees. Look up and live! Many people have been killed by falling limbs and trees days after the fire.

Hard luck Howard; I wish you well,

Cheers Charlie
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