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The po of my Gairu had no paperwork. He said he used 30w oil without detriment. I bought a copy of a Pullmax P7-P8-P9 manual from RockHillWill for comparable general information. My MI-8 uses 26 mm (1.04") tooling and only came with a set of slotting tooling. I have a section of 1" square stock and will make the tooling I need, whether with it or after buying actual 26mm square stock. You should be able to make whatever tooling you want and weld/attach it to appropriate dimension square stock.

There's a good range of Pullmax & similar machine models and tooling in Timothy Barton "Metalshaping the lost sheet metal machines #3", but the whole series is fantastic. Faye Butler's book on Pullmax machines & tooling is the benchmark book, especially regarding making tooling specific to sheet metal shaping. Eventually, I'll spend $75 and order one.

If you search internet industrial surplus, equipment liquidators & auction sources in Spain, you'll find the greatest number of used Gairu machines including MB-5, MI-8 and others. Some have pics of likes original tooling. In general, it's no different than regular Pullmax tooling. You can try asking questions to folks via those websites, but writing & speaking fluent Spanish seems to be necessary for any response.

I would like a manual for mine, but am not holding my breath. If it needed a full rebuild, I would be more concerned.
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