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Default What I did and why.

THANKS for the additional search ideas which did turn up some new information on early hemi engines but not the Street Rodder article I remembered reading. What I finally did after realizing the Street Rodder index was a fantasy was to search “street rodder” +”early hemi” on eBay. That search made me realize there were at least 7 articles covering early hemi engines in 1996 so I found someone selling the full 96 year for $20 and clicked the BUY button. There should be some good information within, regardless…….. I’ve pissed $$$ away on worst stuff.

The WHY. Some of you know I built a BBC powered Bantam coupe after coming home from Vietnam. I sold it in less than 2 years to finance going into the collision business. Then maybe 25 years ago I located and purchased another Bantam coupe body. For years I’ve been telling people if I ever built the second coupe it was going to be powered by an early hemi because that’s the engine most old racers used when drag racing them. So just last week I purchased someone’s 392 engine project. Who knows if my health will hold out long enough for me to ever get to it but it’s the reason for my sudden interest in early hemi information . ~ John Buchtenkirch



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