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Originally Posted by cliffrod View Post
Very cool. You will do a build thread, right?
Yes, for sure. I enjoy peopleís comments, good & even bad, it helps to keep me from overlooking something. But donít hold your breath, Iíve got a ton on my plate right now. I was pretty much back on my 33 three window project full time and had maybe 75 to 100 photos ready to post. Then mom passed on memorial day of all days, so now Iím deep into converting her house into rentals. At 72 I just donít know how much longer I will be able to work or if I will even want to. But you canít find early hemi engines (especially the 392) on a momentís notice anymore so Iíve got the correct engine now, the correct body and even if I only end up keeping the Bantam project for some younger builder down the roadÖÖÖ well, thatís okay as well . ~ John Buchtenkirch
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