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Default Gauging Interest Covell Hands On Workshop

First I want to make clear this is not a confirmed event yet. Second, I am not affiliated with Ron Covell. I reached out to him about a hands on workshop possibility and he told me what he needs to make that a reality.

So the class would be 1 or 2 days depending on what the students were interested in. Class size must be small 2 people is desired could possible push it to 3 people per class maximum. Weekend or week days are available.
If a 2 person class. Price would be approximately: $800 per person per day. If 3 people approximately $550 per person per day.

Location is the Covell workshop in Freedom, California.

Please reach out to me direct as this is nothing official yet. Let me know you're interested and a possible timeline. For me personally I'm ready ASAP and willing to do a weekend class.

PM me or email direct to:

Instagram @RealRiotRacing
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