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My method would be seamless. The flange you’d use for plug welding would be hidden inside the filler panel. After that, a quick pass with seam sealer and a finger pulled down it to add a tight fillet, finish prime and paint you’d never know.

Yes, I would anticipate the top roll of the bed moving as well. You could potentially find a round tube / pipe the correct diameter and tap in the rolled edge to give it a bit extra strength.

It just depends on how comfortable you are, or what tools or equipment you have to straighten, bend, pull, tweak or adjust a bow in the top rail if it’s needed

Overall I certainly wouldn’t turn a customer away for that task…really should t be that involved of a project.

If you are really concerned about the top rail, you could do a 90 deg (wouldn’t really be 90, but just an example). Plug weld that to the back / bottom of the rail (contortionist may be needed) and then plug the bottom filler panel to that…follow up again with the seam sealer on the joint.

Example with the flange (blue) in two different possible orientations.

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Rush too much trying to get to the end when the end is closer when you take your time.


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