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Thanks for your effort and sharing of ideas. You'll see a difference below, in the shape. Seamless, between my customer and I anyway, means welded. If I explain options and the modification is still wanted, seam sealer bead primed over might be deemed OK in light of the alternatives. As might plug welded flanges. The overall expense of body mods might dictate the route taken.

In any event, this task is but one on a laundry list already done on the project so the customer won't be run off. Wisest guidance on a fairly special build is what I am after, to offer him. Long welds are yeah not that big of a deal but I'm hoping someone has welded to those rolled rails before and can advise as to how much they squirm.

These are some thoughts I have on how to approach it-

Looking at that, I choose bonding. Not that it would, but it could... crack one day however. So could a weld but not from thermal cycles over time. The rail end cap in the linked photo is the desired teardrop shape.

Funny (sad, peculiar) story about correcting these type bedrails... When trailering a '55 Chevy bed to our shop once, the owner ran over a dangling ratchet strap and yep, yanked the bed rail down really far right in the center. With "oops" to say, they dropped it off anyway. I used a 300 lb + coworker jumping on it with the bed upside down with 2x4s under each end of the rails. With me sighting from a distance, telling him how hard to jump on it. Fixed er right up! I fear a boxed rail won't bend like that though, it will want to buckle if heavy correction is needed after welding.
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