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Originally Posted by drivejunk View Post
Fully welded is whats expected of me by default but only one of you guys even entertained that idea so my reluctance must be with valid reasoning. Thank you. I will have to let the customer know his imagination has finally exceeded possibility, not just my ability. And he won't have to just take my word for it now.
The customer isn’t always (usually) correct. They aren’t in the business or trade. I wouldn’t tell a plumber, carpenter, electrician, doctor, dentist, etc. how I expect them to do their profession. I take their advice and input and figure they wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction.

It is sometimes our “job” to explain and guide the customer of how or why you may do something a certain way. In the end the customer would have no idea if it was fully welded or plug welded and filled smooth.

Would I step and plug weld the bottom of a door skin on? Absolutely not, but in this case where all of the work is hidden and in not in a critical area, a person may have to do things a bit differently to achieve the desired outcome.
Rush too much trying to get to the end when the end is closer when you take your time.


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