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Originally Posted by blue62 View Post
First thing I would do is go to youtube.
Search for Peter Tommasini.
View his video: light discussion about full radius anvils vs flats.
View everything he does.

Anvils with flats have a very narrow flat just in the center of the anvil.
My guess is that the Eastwood anvils have flats but that is just a guess on my part. Perhaps someone here on the forum will jump in and confirm one way or the other.

Then try to find some information on a wheeling exercise called shape in shape out.

Also shrinking the two edges has probably locked a certain amount of shape into the panel.

Get another piece about a foot square. mark all four edges an inch in from the edge.
wheel top to bottom from on side to the other.
Turn the panel 90 degrees and top to bottom from one side to the other again.
Go slow keep your tracks close together and stay off your one inch margin.
I repeat stay off the edges.
you should begin to see equal radius in both directions.

Perhaps purchase a book titled:

Learning the English Wheel
By William H. Longyard
published by Wolfgang publications Inc.

Bill put some good information in that book.
I've been watching the Ron Covell DVDs. The scratch building a fender:
And English Wheel basics:

Both are excellent and very helpful, but neither help with trouble shooting or understanding why things aren't going your way.
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