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Originally Posted by Reno View Post
This is the shape of the cushion for the rear seat.

Attachment 61507

It turned out to be opposing 10" radius bends so I tried a different method to make a pair of pullmax dies. These came with the machine, but were an odd shape, so I set them up mirrored in the CNC mill and cut the radius internal and external with an arc program by moving the X center but retaining the Y center.

Attachment 61509

Then I used them to form the rest of the seat bottom and welded it to the left hand piece.

Attachment 61508

I mocked up the seat foams to trim and reposition some of the internal wire frame.

Attachment 61510

I replaced the original floor and added some beads to stiffen it and then rather than lose that space I added a hinged access to the underseat storage area.

Attachment 61511

Attachment 61512

The cushion is held with retainer clips at the two rectangular slots and lifts up easily to get to the space below it. I had thought the curvature was enough to stiffen it, but had to spot weld additional ribs next to the opening.

Nice creative work, Eugene.
A pleasure to follow.
(Might have to plan a 49-70-395 road trip, and check the scorched earth along the way.)

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