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Those are 15" 60s, OK. That helps me grasp the scale of the car. I must say I'm a 4 to 2 door conversion disliker ordinarily but once I traced your pic I saw what you see. Not too shabby, Eugene.

You've done good there, with the shapes. My instinct was to move the rear fender's front forward, lip and all. Nope, back fender overpowers front.

So in this, rear fender outline is unchanged but the front half is skinnier, more like the front fender. Height of rear fender lip raised to at or near height of front fender's, and top contour from there transferred directly.

Rear halves of lips transition to trunk / back window angle then have "matching" radii at bottom rear. Just sketchy free fun play here... I may have removed a little rake and the rear tire is larger, same size rim. Ish! Color is whichever pencil I grabbed first.

I'd be glad to make alterations. A good side pic with a challenge in it hits the spot sometimes so I draw if it might help. Theraputic for me, hope it helps you some day.

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