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Default update!

Before taking care of the bottom of the passenger rear quarter, I thought I will see what I can do with the top part with the holes and dents:

I first planished it roughly with hammer and dollies:

And welded the holes shut. Some smoothing left but already way better:

Then I decided to continue on the firewall..first taking care of this old terrible repair:

I decided to replace this part:

Making a template:

And the patch :

Cut out the wrong repair:



Et voilą:

And in between, I had noticed that the floor was also repaired with metal over rust, what I can't stand so I also fixed that:
How it was:

Starting the shape:

Verifying the fit:

Whole shape:


Cutting and adjusting:

And welded:

I did not over-grind it..the weld is under the front part of the firewall and robustness is more important!

Stay tuned, I have more to share!

Antoine Puygranier
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