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I've been experimenting some more and making further progress on the malibu.

I started making the rear section which had been severely rusted and repaired sometime.

It became clear however that I had seemingly stretched the wheelarch section too much, so I made a new attempt.

Try-fitting the pieces together:

I decided it was probably best to try and TIG-weld the pieces to be able to smoothen it better after welding, so I made an attempt with my chinese welding machine. Fusion welds where possible but had to add som mig wire as filler in some places.

After a lot of hammering and wheeling and painting the piece black while filing and sanding to find low spots I still have some work to do. The "bulge" in the rear section needs to be fixed still and the whole arch completed. After this I will cut below the marked line in the quarter and try to sort out the wheelhouse before welding the new metal in.

I think for the other side I might try to make one bigger piece to avoid the welding and having to match all the body lines between two pieces. I'm trying to learn as I go..
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