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Originally Posted by Gareth Davies View Post
If you’ve got the blade set back, is the folding arm set level with the lower clamping surface or is that set down one thickness as well? I always have the blade level with the front of the lower surface and gap the folding arm. What material and what thickness are you struggling with? Are the blades sharp cornered or have they got a radius on? They might just need skimming to get those crisp folds. Another thing to check is how much clamping force you’re using. Lots of potential reasons why it’s not performing as you’d want it to.
Thanks. I don't use it very often but every time I do, I get annoyed that I have to hammer the edge tighter.

I bend 18gauge (1.15mm) cold rolled steel mostly. sometimes the odd 16 Gauge (1.6mm). Often short pieces up to 10" (250mm) long

The bending surface (movable arm) is level with the clamp surface/bed.

I usually have a scrap piece of same gauge on the right side on the clamp when I bend short pieces on the left.

I will have to check on your other suggestions.

Best regards
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