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I had a problem with the bead roller. I haven't understood why they make it that way yet. The original machine is unusable. The machine is perfect after my repair. I wanted to drop him to scrap. A little headache, a little work and the result I am surprised.

You must to find out the cause and figure out the construction. They only produce, but they don't know why and what it could be used for. So we don't have to wonder that the bending machine doesn't bend. So he bends, but do you want something exactly? You don't have unnecessary expectations - it's cheap - finish it yourself. We will not deal with the operation of the machine. The whole world is buying it and no one has complained yet ...... The philosophy is probably like that. Nobody wants to admit defeat. Everyone who bought the scrap spent a lot of time repairing the structure so that the machine worked. Anyone who does not count on it in advance is unpleasantly surprised after unpacking and feels that he can produce nothing. He looks at his hands and failed products, sends photos to friends, holds his head. And depression is coming .....
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