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If I had to drill 100 holes of the same size in a plate I’d certainly pop for that size annular cutter for 2 reasons. The annular cutters have a spring loaded center point that allows you to move your drill quickly from center point mark to center point mark. Secondly annular cutters drill so fast they make drill bits seem almost prehistoric in comparison, which could be a factor if you are renting a magnetic drill or if you place any value on your time. If you had all your holes already laid out and center points already marked I see no reason why you couldn’t do all 100 holes in one day using a annular cutter. Moving a magnetic drill around on a horizontal plate is cake, but painful to line up to center points on vertical surfaces. Just have the recommended cutting oil and a big garbage bag for chips, you will be swimming in long lathe type chips in no time . ~ John Buchtenkirch
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