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Thanks Guys.

The panel was tacked every 3/8" or so. I started at one edge and tacked my way around. This helps to keep it pretty much level as you can lift up either side as you go around. Eventually the two pieces overlap and you can't do any more tacks without stretching what you've done already.
After tacking, I flipped it and peened it on a flat dolly stretching the tacks and getting the two surfaces flush with each other. Then just welded with TIG rod about 1" long welds spaced about 2" apart. I don't think it really matters much as the key was in the stretching of the welds afterwards. I read that somewhere and it worked well. I believe the penetration is key as all the raised filler rod is getting ground off on both sides. Then some grinding,peening,slapping, sanding, filing, and a bunch of hours later my first decent body weld finished.


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