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John don't get the tig pen idea I would say it would some what slow you down , looks like you could only have a small amount of filler sticking out the end and as such you would have to keep stopping to pass more wire through it , spend your tea breaks practicing to roll a filler rod through your thumb and first 2 fingers , that way you can use up 34" of a 36" filler rod without having to stop . fficeffice" />>>
Chris cant>>

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Chris, itís my fault , I should have posted better photos. The Tig Pen has a little roller that you spin so the wire comes out. Sometimes if I know iím going to do a lot of welding I will straighten out a bunch of pieces of .030 mig wire by pulling it thru the relaxed Z tube with a drill. Sometimes when Iím lazy I just pull 3 or 4 feet thru my fingers to take out 80% of the bend and go with that, it still works fine with the tig pen. Again, Iím really almost running a fusion weld, the wire is just there for any pinholes or slight gaps that turn up. It is my understanding that mig wire has more cleaners in it than any type of wire so itís nice to have it at the ready position so to speak if itís needed. I will just add that Fay Butler is the king of the small HAZ, I stand in awe of his abilities. That is my pinky in the photo of an already planished flat weld sample he sent me in 1992. ~ John Buchtenkirch>>
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