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Old 05-05-2009, 03:54 PM
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Default Read this before posting!

Welcome to

This board was started to provide a resource for folks who wanted to learn and share knowledge about SHEET METAL SHAPING and related SHEET METAL SHAPING TOPICS such as sheet metal shaping tools. Sheet Metal Shaping involves changing the surface area of sheet metal by primarily stretching and shrinking although cutting and welding is certainly a valid technique. This is not a forum about machining, auto mechanics, welding (other than welding sheet metal), fabrication, painting, press brakes, music, gardening, your great Aunt’s medical problems, what your dog did last night, etc.


People with all skill levels are welcome.

We’ve defined a small number of relevant topics. These will be expanded as necessary.

We want to keep it really simple, there are only six. This site is about SHEET METAL SHAPING and RELATED TOPICS. If you post something that doesn’t fit in the forum, don’t be surprised to see it removed without warning.

1. This is a “RATED G” forum. No profanity, nudity, politics, religion, flaming, arguments. You can disagree and discuss but keep it civil.
2. You, as the poster, own your own content. We, as forum owners, have the right to remove it, edit it, or move it to the proper topic. If you get banned or removed, any content left will stay on the site.
3. Please don’t post just to stir the pot. If you don’t like it here…go somewhere else. Troublemakers will be removed and banned without warning. We define who is causing trouble.
4. We like to know who we’re talking to. Please edit your profile and enter a name and location. Also enter a signature so members don’t have to look for your name. Finally, we expect members to do an introduction before they post. If you’re concerned about privacy, make up a name. “Hey You” isn’t as friendly as “Hi Johnny.” If you tried to register and never got the acknowledgment in your email, we probably thought you were a spammer and deleted you. Try again with a real sounding name.
5. Don’t ding the admin team. We’re all volunteers doing the best we can. There is a suggestion topic. Use it but don't be cute or snide with your comments. If you don’t like the way we run things, go start your own forum. Dinging the admin team or generally being a pain in the rear will get you booted. If you have an argument with another member keep it off the main board. That is what the Pm's are for.
6. We expect posts on the board to be in the default size and color font. Large, bold or colored post say you are screaming at us and we don't want that. If you compose in Word or other similar software using a larger font and other enhancements please remove them prior to submitting the post.

Free Advertising: Don't get stupid with it and everything will be fine. Post prices/details/contact info etc. Just don't start playing games to keep your 'products' on the top of the new posts list. If you make a good product, word will get around. If you get carried away you'll hear from one of the admin team.

Admin team:

Johnny Arial, Founder and admin/moderator
Kerry Pinkerton, admin/moderator
Steve Hamilton, admin/moderator
Dan Pate, admin/moderator
Dan Smith admin/moderator

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