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Old 03-08-2018, 12:04 PM
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Default 1949 Mercury 4 door to 2 door....and more

I've got another project that I'm currently working on that I'd like to share as I do feel it's rather interesting.

The only hesitation is that this project was always planned as a longer term build with the owner, to help spread the cost out. (Which I can’t fault him for that....and also the reason I don’t build cars for myself!ha) I've performed an extensive amount of work already on the vehicle (I explain much of the work performed as "roughing it in" in order to obtain the correct proportions of the vehicle because we are kind of going out of the "norm" from a typical custom Mercury build.

With that said, I have another full custom build scheduled to arrive in early April (and I'll certainly be sharing that build "live" here as I progress, as long as the customer is okay with it being shared)

So that brings me to the slight dilemma: I want to be upfront that I can share a lot of the progress to date on this '49 Mercury, but once I catch the posts up to where the vehicle is in present day, this thread would lay dormant until I finish the build that is arriving in April.

If members are okay with knowing that progress & updates for this Merc will go on the backburner while I finish another project I'll start sharing and explaining what I've all done to this Merc so far.

Attached are pictures of the car as it arrived

Name:  1.jpg
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Name:  4.jpg
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Name:  2.jpg
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Name:  3.jpg
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Rush too much trying to get to the end when the end is closer when you take your time.


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