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Old 06-26-2022, 11:20 AM
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Default Austin Healy 100 questions

I have a customer that has brought me the nose and rear end from his Austin Healy 100. It needs some serious love.

The plan is for this NOT to be a restoration. He owns a Corvette shop and doesn't speak aluminum. He'll street rod it. He doesn't want it metalfinished which is fine worh me as i hate metalfinishing.

Does anyone know what alloy this is? I'm guessing 1100 based on how easy it moves.

So far, I've filled and repaired 762 holes and cracks in the nose and am ready to start on the lower nose.
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My problem is, i dont really know what it looks like. I have the grill and can make sure the opening is correct. Whati dont know is what the area below the grill is supposed to look. Based on some internet photos, it appears to be pretty low crown.

Does anyone have one they could take some detail photos for me?
Kerry Pinkerton
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Old 06-26-2022, 01:14 PM
Essexmetal Essexmetal is offline
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Kerry, I did quite a bit of metal work on the front and rear Healey scuttles back when they were not as far from new. There was a very large daily driven British car contingent in Canada so they got both collision damage as well as vibration / fatigue cracks.

I can not tell you what the alloy is but I can tell you that the material is crappy, dirty shit. Since the 100 /4 is the first in the model range and not that long after the war you could assume it is some left over war material spec aluminum. But on their later models the aluminum is just as crappy.

It does not TIG well but gas welds very good. The flux does its job and floats the crap and oxides out of the way. Its really not fair to compare that aluminum to the modern alloys available for the last 40 years. From the picture the opening looks correct in the face view, not sure of the wrap shape.
Rick Mammel
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Old 06-26-2022, 04:26 PM
steve.murphy steve.murphy is offline
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Kerry, if nobody comes up with an answer, you can send some shavings to a lab that does spectro EDX analysis. Many places that do engine oil analysis have this equipment. They will provide a chart showing the alloying compounds by percentages, allowing the material to be identified.

śrugo nunquam dormit
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